Introducing the Industry’s Most Comprehensive STIX STIX2 TAXII Niche Threat Actor Specific Threat Intelligence Feed – Grab Your Free Lifetime API Key!

Hello everyone,

This is Dancho ( and it’s a pleasure to let you know of our recently launched and currently still in the works threat actor specific STIX STIX2 and TAXII threat intelligence feed that combines approximately 15 years of actionable intelligence in machine readable format where you can easily embed it in your firewall or security solution or actually look to enrich and cross-reference the information using Maltego and actually learn how to expose and track down the bad guys by using the industry’s most in-depth niche threat actor specific threat intelligence feed.

Sample screenshots of our STIX STIX2 TAXII threat intelligence feed in action:

The current list of firewall and security solutions where you can embed the STIX STIX2 TAXII feed for free using the following Lifetime API Key – f8aa0cca-a0ac-4eff-9c03-1c86ad7aee93 include:

In case you’re interested in giving the platform a try or actually implementing it in your security solution for both obtaining access to daily updated free threat intelligence including actual enrichment of your IoCs (Indicators of Compromise) consider going through the following platform details:

API Documentation:
API Client:
API requirements:
TAXII Collection:
Bearer Token Authentication Required:
Maltego transforms available: – – –

Stay tuned!

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