A Brief Overview of Disruptive Individual’s Methodology for Processing Distributing Disseminating and Responding to Cyber Threat Incidents – An Analysis

Dear blog readers,

This is Dancho and I’m the CEO and primary project operator of the community-powered and community-driven Disruptive Individual’s OpenCTI instance where we aim to provide actionable threat intelligence on current and emerging malware and cyber attack campaigns by issuing a lifetime publicly accessible to our daily updated OpenCTI instance with hundreds of novel and processed using Dancho Danchev’s methodology for processing distributing and disseminating actionable threat intelligence throughout the years which you can use in combination with the actual API for the instance including in combination with Maltego which is an outstanding news where you could easily use our data set and daily updated database including hundreds of IoCs (Indicators of Compromise) for campaigns currently circulating in the wild for enrichment purposes and actual cyber assets and cyber campaigns assets discovery which could greatly assist in cyber attack and cyber campaign attribution campaigns including to protect your vendor or organization including your enterprise.

Information is everything in the context of obtaining access to the latest cyber attack and cyber campaign IoCs (Indicators of Compromise) for the purpose of building a bigger picture and actually connecting the dots in the context of fighting cybercrime and responding to the threats posed by today’s modern cybercrime ecosystem.

How we do it? We monitor and track down a variety of malicious and fraudulent campaigns on a daily basis and we pick it up from there for the purpose of providing the actual raw threat intelligence in a timely fashion including the actual enriched and qualitative analysis including all the associated IoCs (Indicators of Compromise) for a specific campaign on our publicly accessible and free OpenCTI and MISP instance with the idea to reach out to a new set of high-quality threat intelligence information clients that aim to protect their networks and home networks including to actually connect the dots for a specific campaign and take actions where necessary in terms of reaching out to Law Enforcement or attempting to take them offline.

Our primary methodology here is to process and disseminate as much actionable intelligence as possible in the shortest timeframe possible with as much “connect the dots” moments as possible where the ultimate goal would be to empower researchers and vendors with the necessary actionable intelligence to help them stay on the top of their game.

We’ve been also featured in Threat Connect’s primary sources of threat intelligence and we’re proud that so many folks including clients and customers continue using our public and free OpenCTI and MISP instance for research analysis processing and enrichment of our actionable threat intelligence.

We’re proud to know that so many users continue pulling our research on a daily basis in a machine readable format and we’ll continue to do our best to continue supplying them with high-quality and never-published before information on current and emerging cyber attack threats.

We do this by relying on public and proprietary tools and community services where we do our best to communicate our findings using our OpenCTI and MISP instance where users and vendors including clients can freely pull our threat intelligence and possibly assist them in current and ongoing investigations including to assist them in protecting their networks and enterprises from current and emerging cyber threats.

Stay tuned and approach us at dancho.danchev@hush.com in case you have any questions.

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