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In this post, I will perform an OSINT analysis, exposing one of the key botnet masters behind the infamous Koobface botnet, that I have been extensively profiling and infiltrating since day one. I will include photos of the botnet master, his telephone numbers, multiple email addresses, license plate for a BMW, and directly connect him with the infrastructure — now offline or migrated to a different place — of Koobface 1.0.

The analysis is based on a single mistake that the botnet master made – namely using his personal email for registering a domain parked within Koobface’s command and control infrastructure, that at a particular moment in time was directly redirecting to the ubiquitous fake Youtube page pushed by the Koobface botnet.

Let’s start from the basics. Here’s an excerpt from a previous research conducted on the Koobface botnet:

However, what the Koobface gang did was to register a new domain and use it as Koobface C&C again parked at the same IP, which remains active – zaebalinax.com Email: krotreal@gmail.com – – in particular zaebalinax.com/the/?pid=14010 which is redirecting to the Koobface botnet. Two more domains were also registered and parked there, u15jul .com and umidsummer .com – Email: 2009polevandrey@mail.ru which remain in stand by mode at least for the time being.

The Koobface botnet master’s biggest mistake is using the Koobface infrastructure for hosting a domain that was registered with the botnet master’s personal email address. In this case that zaebalinax.com and krotreal@gmail.com. zaebalinax.com is literally translated to “Gave up on Linux“. UPDATED: Multiple readers have to contacted me to point out that zaebalinax is actually translated to “f*ck you all” or “you all are p*ssing me off“.

The same email krotreal@gmail.com was used to advertise the sale of Egyptian Sphynx kittens on 05.09.2007:

The following telephone belonging to Anton was provided – +79219910190. The interesting part is that the same telephone was also used in another advertisement, this time for the sale of a BMW:

Photos of the BMW, offered for sale, by the same Anton that was using the Koobface infrastructure to host zaebalinax.com Email: krotreal@gmail.com:

Upon further analysis, it becomes evident that his real name is Anton Nikolaevich Korotchenko (Антон Николаевич Коротченко). Here are more details of this online activities:

Real name: Anton Nikolaevich Korotchenko (Антон Николаевич Коротченко)
City of origin: St. Petersburg
Primary address: Omskaya st. 26-61; St. Petersburg; Leningradskaya oblast,197343
Associated phone numbers obtained through OSINT analysis, not whois records:
ICQ – 444374
Emails: krotreal@yahoo.com
WM identification (WEB MONEY) : 425099205053
Twitter account: @KrotReal; @Real_Koobface
Flickr account: KrotReal
Vkontakte.ru Account: KrotReal; tonystarx 
Foursquare Account: KrotReal

Also, a chat log from 2003, identifies KrotReal while he’s using the following IP –  krotreal@ip-534.dialup.cl.spb.ru

How do you trigger a change that would ultimately affect the entire cybercrime ecosystem? By personalizing cybercrime.

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