Mobile Malware Intercepted, Thousands of Users Affected

We’ve, recently, intercepted, yet, another, malicious, malware, campaign, affecting, Google Play, exposing, unsuspecting, users, to, a milti-tude, of malicious, software.

In this post, we’ll profile, the, campaign, provide, malicious MD5s, expose, the, infrastructure, behind, it, and, discuss, in, depth, the, tactics, techniques, and procedures, of, the, cybercriminals, behind, it.

Malicious MD5s, known, to, have, participated, in, the, campaign:
MD5: 1c87344c24d8316c8f408a6f0396aa43
MD5: 390e66ffaccaa557a8d5c43c8f3a20a9
MD5: 8e2f8c52f4bb8a4e7f8393aa4a0536e1
MD5: ada4b19d5348fecffd8e864e506c5a72

Once executed, a sample, malware, phones, back, to, the, following C&C, servers:
hxxp:// –

Malicious MD5s, known, to, have, been, downloaded, from, the, same, C&C server IP (
MD5: f8471c153414b65bbeb80880dc30da0a
MD5: 5955411fe84c10fa6af7e40bf40dcdac
MD5: ec3e5125190d76c19ca1c0c9172ac930
MD5: 0551f10503369f12cd975468bff6d16a
MD5: 1127390826a9409f6fd7ad99c4d4af18

Once executed, a, sampled, malware, phones, back, to, the, following, C&C server:
hxxp:// –

We’ll, continue, monitoring, the, campaign, and post, updates, as, soon, as, new, developments, take, place.

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