Historical OSINT – Exposing the Market for Stolen Credit Card Data

With the carding underground continuing to flourish, for the purpose, of, monetizing commoditized underground items such as, stolen credit cards, cybercriminals continue to over-supply the market segment for stolen credit cards data, largely relying on a boutique type of cybercrime-operations business model, continuously supplying the market segment with tens of thousands of stolen credit cards data.

Thanks, to, the general availability of malicious software whose purpose is to obtain and process stolen credit cards data, cybercriminals continue to over-supply the marketplace with tens of thousands of stolen credit cards, further, continuing, to, monetize the commoditized underground marketplace item, through, the use of boutique E-shops, offering access to tens of thousands of stolen credit cards data.

In this post we’ll profile several boutique E-shops for stolen credit cards data and provide actionable intelligence on the cybercriminals behind it.

Related data exposing the infrastructure behind the most popular boutique E-shops offering access to stolen credit cards data:
accessltd.ru – Email: admin@accessltd.ru
track2.name – Email: rubensamvelich@gmail.com;rubensamvelich@yahoo.com
bulba.cc – Email: bulbacc@rocketmail.com; bulbacc@yahoo.com
ccStore.ru – Email: ooo.service@yahoo.com
dumps.cc – Email: dumps.cc@safe-mail.net
ccmall.cc – Email: b2b.maxim@gmail.com; lvjiecong@yahoo.com.cn
trackstore.su – Email: roger.sroy@yahoo.com
magic-numbers.cc – Email: elche011@yahoo.com
allfresh.us – Email: keikomiyahara@yahoo.com; dcb725@gmail.com
freshstock.biz – Email: wattt80@yahoo.com
approven.su – Email: yurtan20@e1.ru
cv2shop.com – Email: vipforexbiz@gmail.com
vzone.tc – Email: Whois Privacy Activated
privateservices.ws – Whois Privacy Activated
trackservices.ws – Whois Privacy Activated
perfect-numbers.cc – Email: kachanaburi@yahoo.com
mega4u.biz – Email: persiks@online.ua
pwnshop.cc – Email: alexandanns@gmail.com
bestdumps.su – Email: bestdumpssu@live.com
mycc.su – Email: admin@mycc.su
bestdumps.biz – Email: admin@bestdumps.biz
dumpshop.bz – Email: tonchang2011@yahoo.com
cardshop.bz – Email: tonchang2011@yahoo.com

Thanks to the vibrant cybercrime ecosystem, cybercriminals will continue to actively monetize access to malware-infected hosts, for the purpose, of earning fraudulent revenue and achieving stolen assets liquidity, while earning fraudulent revenue in the process.

We’ll continue monitoring the market segment for stolen credit cards data, and post updates as soon as new developments take place.

This post has been reproduced from Dancho Danchev’s blog. Follow him on Twitter.

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