Introducing Obmonix – The World’s Most Comprehensive Sensor Network

The world’s leading expert in the field of the security cybercrime research and threat intelligence gathering presents the World’s Most Comprehensive Sensor Network for offensive cybercrime/cyberterrorism fighting introducing active sensor deployment cybercrime/cyberterrorism forum and dark-web infiltration launching the Disruptive Individuals startup successfully disrupting and undermining the cybercrime/cyberterrorism ecosystem.

What is the Obmonix Platform?
The Obmonix platform aims to build the World’s most versatile and comprehensive sensor network for intercepting monitoring and responding to cybercrime and cyber jihad events successfully deploying a variety of proprietary sensor network based of honeypot appliances industry-wide partnership including the utilization of proprietary cybercrime and cyber jihad forum and community monitoring and infiltration campaigns successfully positioning the platform as the leading indicator for cybercrime and cyber jihad activity globally empowering the operator law enforcement and the security industry with then necessary tactics techniques and procedures (TTPs) for successfully responding and monitoring cybercrime and cyber jihad activity globally leading to successful launch of the Disruptive Individuals startup successfully serving the needs of the Intelligence Community, the security industry and law enforcement agencies globally successfully anticipating an emerging set of malicious and fraudulent tactics techniques and procedures successfully protecting millions of users globally.

How you can help and contribute?
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