Dissecting the Latest Koobface Facebook Campaign

The latest Koobface malware campaign at Facebook, is once again exposing a diverse ecosystem worth assessing in times of active migration to alternative ISPs tolerating or conveniently ignoring the malicious activities courtesy of their customers. The — now removed — binaries that the dropper was requesting were hosted at the American International Baseball Club in Vienna, indicating a compromise.

us.geocities .com/adanbates84/index.htm
lostart .info/js/js.js (
off34 .com/go/fb.php (
youtube-spyvideo .com/youtube_file.html (
ahdirz .com/movie1.php?id=638&n=teen (
top100clipz .com/m6/movie1.php?id=638&n=teen (
hq-vidz .com/movie1.php?id=638&n=teen (

The dropper then phones back home to : f071108 .com/fb/first.php ( with the binaries hosted at a legitimate site that’s been compromised :

aibcvienna.org/youtube/ bnsetup24.exe
aibcvienna.org/youtube/ tinyproxy.exe

Related fake Youtube domains participating :
catshof .com (
youtube-spy .info (
youtubehof .net (
youtube-spyvideo .com (
yyyaaaahhhhoooo.ocom .pl (
youtube-x-files .com (

The development of cybercrime platforms utilizing legitimate infrastructure only, has always been in the works. With spamming systems relying exclusively on the automatically registered email accounts at free web based providers, to the automatic bulk registration of hundreds of thousands of domains enjoying a particular domain registrar’s weak anti-abuse policies, it would be interesting to monitor whether marginal thinking or improved OPSEC relying on compromised hosts will be favored in 2009.

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