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Dear blog readers, it’s been several years since I last posted a quality update following my disappearance in 2010. I wanted to take the time and thank everyone including researchers and colleagues who participated in the search including colleagues and vendors who offered expertise and advice including possible career opportunity.

As I’ve recently launched InfoWar Monitor 2.0 I decided that the time has come for me to take my blog to a new level by offering proprietary invite-only commercial access to selected readers who request access. The access guarantees unlimited access to daily cybercrime research information security topics coverage including an unlimited supply of actionable threat intelligence research on a daily basis including access to InfoWar Monitor 2.0 security podcast subscription security mailing list security newsletter a closed security community and a hacker E-zine released by the community including unlimited access to proprietary research reports and articles.

How to request access?
Users interested in requesting access can approach me with the following details:

How long have you been reading my blog?
How much would you be willing to invest to obtain access on a monthly basis?

I can be reached at dancho.danchev@hush.com


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