Security News – Safe Browsing protection from even more deceptive attacks – Commentary

Google’s security
initiatives, continue, indicating, the search engine market’s leader,
ambitions, towards, building, a vibrant, ecosystem, for, protecting,
end users, from malicious attacks, and, further, position, the
company, as, an emerging, leader, whose, activities, contribute, to
the, overall security level, of the entire ecosystem.

Browsing has been protecting over one billion people from traditional
phishing attacks on the web for more than eight years. The threat
landscape is constantly changing—bad actors on the web are using
more and different types of deceptive behavior to trick you into
performing actions that you didn’t intend or want, so we’ve
expanded protection to include social engineering.
The latest,
indication, of this, trend, is the company’s, introduction, of,
social engineering attack, warnings, fully capable, of preventing,
widespread damage, and to prevent, a malicious attack, from taking,
place, in the early stages, of the campaign. With malicious actors,
continuing, to utilize, visual social engineering campaigns, to
serve, malicious software, and potentially unwanted applications,
compromising, the confidentiality, integrity, and, availability, of information,
visual social engineering, will, continue, to represent, a growing
attack vector, to be utilized, by malicious actors, that, needs,
better, protective, mechanisms, on behalf, of ecosystem participants.

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