Joining Team Astalavista – Stay Tuned!

Dear blog readers I wanted to let everyone know that I will be shortly joining Team Astalavista – The World’s Most Popular Information Security Portal acting a Managing Director following a successful career as Managing Director through 2003-2006 where I used to maintain a highly informative and educational Security Newsletter featuring exclusive content and security interviews (Security Interviews 2004/2005 – Part 1; Security Interviews 2004/2005 – Part 2; Security Interviews 2004/2005 – Part 3) with people from the Scene including daily content moderation successfully re-positioning the portal as the World’s Most Popular Information Security Portal.

How you can help? Consider making a modest donation to ensure a proper and smooth launch of the portal. The donation and sponsorship will go to ensure that the launch is properly empowered with the necessary tools to ensure a smooth launch.

Stay tuned!

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