Summarizing 4 Years of ZDNet Zero Day Posts Research

It’s been quite some time since I last posted a quality blog post regarding my ex-employer CBS Interactive’s ZDNet where I used to work as a Security Blogger for ZDNet’s Zero Day throughout 2008-2013 and I wanted to take the time and effort to say thanks to my Editor-in-Chief including Editorial Director – Larry Dignan and David Grober who provided editorial guidance including the publishing of the original post regarding my disappearance circa 2010 including the search for me.

In this post I’ll summarize my blogging activity at ZDNet’s Zero Day blog throughout 2008-2013 providing my readers with the necessary data information and knowledge to stay ahead of current and emerging threats.

ZDNet Zero Day Blog Posts – May, 2008

ZDNet Zero Day Blog Posts – June, 2008
ZDNet Zero Day Blog Posts – July, 2008
ZDNet Zero Day Blog Posts – August, 2008
ZDNet Zero Day Blog Posts – September, 2008
ZDNet Zero Day Blog Posts – October, 2008
  • Cybercriminals syndicating Google Trends keywords to serve malware
  • Scammers introduce ATM skimmers with built-in SMS notification
  • Atrivo/Intercage’s disconnection briefly disrupts spam levels
  • Adobe posts workaround for clickjacking flaw, NoScript releases ClearClick
  • Asus ships Eee Box PCs with malware
  • Fake Microsoft Patch Tuesday malware campaign spreading
  • Secunia: popular security suites failing to block exploits
  • Survey: 88% of Mumbai’s wireless networks easy to compromise
  • Adobe’s Serious Magic site SQL Injected by Asprox botnet
  • Inside an affiliate spam program for pharmaceuticals
  • Google to introduce warnings for potentially hackable sites
  • Lack of phishing attacks data sharing puts $300M at stake annually
  • CardCops: Stolen credit card details getting cheaper
  • Cybercrime friendly EstDomains loses ICANN registrar accreditation
  • Phishers apply quality assurance, start validating credit card numbers
  • Spammers targeting Bebo, generate thousands of bogus accounts
ZDNet Zero Day Blog Posts – November, 2008
  • Black market for zero day vulnerabilities still thriving
  • Google and T-Mobile push patch for Android security flaw
  • Fake WordPress site distributing backdoored release
  • Koobface Facebook worm still spreading
  • Cyber terrorists to face death penalty in Pakistan
  • AVG and Rising signatures update detects Windows files as malware
  • BBC hit by a DDoS attack
  • Google fixes critical XSS vulnerability
  • $10k hacking contest announced
  • Anti fraud site hit by a DDoS attack
  • Commercial vendor of spyware under legal fire
  • Fake Windows XP activation trojan goes 2.0
  • Cybercriminals release Christmas themed web malware exploitation kit
  • Google: no evidence of a Gmail vulnerability
  • New worm exploiting MS08-067 flaw spotted in the wild
  • Microsoft’s Live launches malware detection service for webmasters
ZDNet Zero Day Blog Posts – December, 2008

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