Cybercrime Forum Data Set – 2019 – Free Download!

Dear blog readers,

I wanted to take the time and effort and let you know that I’ve decided to make the cybercrime forum data set part of my Law Enforcement and OSINT analysis operation “Uncle George” publicly accessible for free with the idea to solicit more participants in the ongoing law enforcement and OSINT operation “Uncle George” with the idea to crowd-source the actual enrichment process potentially reaching out to the security industry the U.S Intelligence Community and U.S Law Enforcement on its way to track down shut down and prosecute the individuals behind these campaigns.

Grab a direct download copy of the entire Cybercrime Forum Data Set from here.

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Here’s a separate list of entire offline copies of cybercrime-friendly forum communities currently pending analysis and enrichment:

Drop me a line at in case you’re interested in sharing the results of your data mining and enrichment process activities and I’ll be shortly looking forward to featuring them in terms of communicating your findings to my audience which includes vendors organizations the U.S Intelligence Community and U.S Law Enfocement.

Stay tuned!

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