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Dear blog readers,

This is Dancho and I wanted to touch base with everyone and let everyone know that I’ve been thinking of switching my personal blog to private invite-only mode where users who request access can basically subscribe themselves to an upcoming flood of high-quality and never-published before OSINT and threat intelligence which basically represents a huge portion of the crown jewels of my research which I intend to share with a specific and highly-targeted audience which might be interested in subscribing to my personal blog in a private invite-only mode which would greatly motivate me to continue doing my research and actually earn the necessary financing which could assist me in my daily work activities where the primary motivation behind switching my personal blog to private invite-only mode is to reach out to a highly qualified and technical audience who might be interested in paying a modest fee for the purpose of obtaining access to my personal blog.

Here’s how it works – readers who’ve been reading my personal blog throughout the past decade and might be interested in obtaining private invite-only access which starts from January, 2021 can approach me with the following information:



How long have you been reading my blog?

What’s your primary motivation for obtaining private and invite-only access to my personal blog?

How much would you and your organization be willing to pay to obtain access to my blog on a monthly or yearly basis?

I’ve decided to present a basic pay-as-you-go business model which aims to gather high-quality vetted audience where I intend to present

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