Greetings from Bulgaria – 2019 – An Intelligence Analyst’s Perspective

Anyone there?

In a savagery peasant-aria which can be best described as the country where crime is supposedly prolific based on psychotropic substances and a “newspaper” courtesy — you wish you wish — of the basement of “someone” that thought that the CIA is running the country thanks to a “described” but supposedly “pre-scribed” leader of the country – increasing the longevity of peasant-aria land to continue vomiting in the very nothing? Not fair my friend. It shouldn’t be surprising that nothing is ever taking place at all.

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– Key Summary Points

  • Do you know what TOR is?
  • Are you “based” on the Intelligence?

Can you best describe Bulgarian Intelligence Services? Pretty simple. It’s your father’s ugly Intelligence book with a vibrator on it – namely – an apparatus.

  • When did you first discover Facebook?

Let’s spit and vomit and take a photo of it – isn’t this fancy? Or shall we spank your digital existence based on the clustered irrelevance of your degraded social vomit? Dare to press a button once again and We Shall Prevail to the bottom of the irrelevant obfuscation of your dare existence? Not fancy.

  • Do you know who Yavor Kolev is?
And since when did it became fashionable to know who Misho Mishov is? Think twice and feel free to skip these Congressional Hearings
  • Do you have a career?

Do you “go” to work? Do you have a “career”? Can you make the difference? You wish.

  • Are you heading to the airport? 
– Don’t be in a hurry – there’s a toilet.

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