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Dear blog readers,

It’s a pleasure and an honor to let you know that I’ve recently joined forces with Team Armadillo Phone in the fight against sophisticated nation-state and rogue cyber threat actors for the position of Security Blogger targeting mobile devices on their way to compromise sensitive and often classified personal information and that I’ll be definitely looking forward to making impact with the company through the publication of high-quality security and cyber threat research including the active education and spreading of information and knowledge to the company’s clients on their way to further protect their sensitive and often classified data from mobile threats courtesy of a multi-tude of malicious and fraudulent adversaries.

Among my responsibilities will include active cyber threat an nation and rogue cyber adversary research including actual client outreach in terms of Security Blogger including the actual work and eventual implementation of new never-published and seen-before privacy and security features including the actual Security Audit of the device in terms of possible Threat Modelling flaws and actual practical solution and advice-oriented implementation of new privacy and security features next to the usual cyber nation-state and rogue cyber actor type of threat analysis and research that I’ve been doing throughout the past decade.

Perfect timing to say big thanks to COO Rob Chaboyer and CEO Kelaghn Noy for bringing me on board and for actually taking the time and effort to go through my proposal and actually initiate a video conversation with me for the purpose of working together.

My initial idea would be reach out to the company’s client-base in terms of possible security threats outreach including the active production of high-quality security and cyber adversary research targeting mobile devices at the company’s blog including the production of a Threat Modelling Scenario Research Analysis which I intend to publish at the company’s blog including an actual practical and solution-oriented Security Audit of the device next to the actual introduction of new privacy and security features.

I will be definitely looking forward to making an impact with the company and I’ll be definitely looking forward to continue publishing the high-quality and never-published before type of research analysis at my personal blog.

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