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 Dear blog readers,

I wanted to take the time and effort and let you know that I’ve officially joined forces with which is the original search engine for hackers circa 1997 and which is one of the World’s most popular Web sites for hackers and security experts where I’m currently acting as a Project Operator and where we’ve recently launched a high-profile and flagship search engine for hackers and security experts with the idea to make it publicly accessible and online for free potentially reaching out to thousands of loyal users across the globe on a daily basis which can be publicly accessed from the front page of the portal or from here including a flagship Dark Web search engine which can be accessed from the home page.
Currently running projects on the original include:

You can also browse the old version of the re-surrected portal here including the actual Call for Papers.  It’s also a privilege and an honor to let you know that we’re currently hiring and looking for possible full-time Team Members in a variety of categories where we intend to share some of the advertising revenue with current and upcoming Team Members.

You can also go through some of the following blog posts to catch up in terms of what we’ve been up to in terms of research:
Stay tuned!

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