ManTech Introduces Newly Lauched Cyber Security “Space Range” – An Analysis

Have you ever dreamed of launching an offensive cyber warfare payload from Space? Keep reading.

It appears that the newly launched ManTech’s “Space Range” cyber security simulation is truly capable of offering a fully-realistic cyber security and information security simulation environment that’s successfully capable of launching an offensive cyber warfare payload from Space potentially signalling the presence of a sophisticated offensive cyber warfare adversary that’s truly capable of making an impact and causing havoc on a wide-spread scale.

ManTech has embraced the challenge of identifying and capturing the unique threats and vulnerabilities in the space domain with our newest offering, the ManTech Space Range. Built upon the success of ACRE®, ManTech’s innovative and fully operational cyber range, we are expanding our robust, scalable and hyper-realistic range to encompass the unique requirements of a cyber infrastructure supporting a space enterprise. ManTech’s ACRE range and highly trained team of space and cyber professionals are unrivaled within the IC and DoD. Our offense-informed cyber defense is an integral part of how we replicate any space, ground and network environment at any classification level to tackle today’s toughest cyber threats. ManTech’s Space Range provides “the right stuff” for customers to train to defend America’s vital space enterprise from the ground up. Most importantly, ManTech’s Space Range provides leaders with the confidence that critical space communications, navigation and intelligence gathering capabilities will be available and reliable when needed most.

A logical question emerges – what does really constitute a cyber war from Space? ManTech’s initiative and research in this area can truly prove valuable to U.S National Security including its client-base for the purpose of empowering them with the necessary “know-how” and operational capabilities to launch offensive cyber warfare campaigns from Space.

Stay tuned!

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