Microsoft Releases Its MSRC Researcher Recognition Program Award Winners – An Analysis

Microsoft has recently released its MSRC Researcher Recognition Program Award Winners that basically covers several key areas of vulnerability research categories that are basically targeting a variety of Microsoft-based online platforms products and services where the researchers directly contribute with their knowledge and know-how for the purpose of sharing actionable intelligence and actual PoC (Proof of  Concept) code that’s basically capable of exploiting various vulnerabilities in various Microsoft products and services and actually earn a reward.


These internal bug-bounty and actual public and private sector including crowd-sourced vulnerability and research based programs actually help Microsoft on its way to secure its products and services while the company publicly offers researcher and contributor recognition which can greatly contribute to a researcher’s portfolio of research services and actually help the company secure its products and services.


The company is prone to make an additional impact by publicly promoting the MSRC Researcher Recognition Program Award Winners including its active collaboration with TrendMicro’s Zero Day Initiative.


The more the marrier.


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