U.K’s National Cyber Security Centre Releases Its Annual Report – An Analysis

U.K’s National Cyber Security Centre has just released its 2021 annual report which includes some pretty interesting findings from what appears to be a pretty modern and relevant fraud report infrastructure in the U.K where users can report cyber fraud incidents including actual cybercrime incidents and basically get the necessary assistance where the actual Center is responsible for taking offline the majority of fraudulent campaigns and actually offering the necessary assistance to victims from within the U.K.

Some of the key findings include:
Our pioneering Active Cyber Defence programme has taken down 2.3 million cyber-enabled commodity campaigns – including 442 phishing campaigns using NHS branding and 80 illegitimate NHS apps hosted and available to download outside of official app stores.

Our Suspicious Email Reporting Service has received 5.4 million reports from the public of potentially malicious material – leading to the removal of more than 50,500 scams and more than 90,100 malicious URLs.

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