Indian-Based VoIP SIP Provider Fuels Growth In Russia’s Caller ID Spoofer Services Market Segment – An Analysis

I’ve just stumbled upon a currently active and pretty prolific across the cybercrime ecosystem Caller ID and one-time-password bypassing the verification services which is currently advertised on several cybercrime-friendly forum communities courtesy of  the India-based company known as Sipco Systems where the ultimate goal is to offer and provide cybercriminals internationally with the necessary Caller ID and online mobile application based stores verification process services allowing them to commit related cybecriminal activity online.

Sample domain known to have been involved in the campaign:

Sample screenshots of the Caller ID and one-time-password interception cybercrime-friendly service:

These services are just the tip of the iceberg and the ability to come up with a spoofed or custom caller ID in an automated fashion can be definitely attributed to a growing social engineering vector based market segment that’s also fully and successfully capable of intercepting one-time-passwords including to result in possible mobile application store verification process fraud and bypassing.

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