Why Did Bulgaria’s DANS Agency Gave Me a Visit and a Pension?

Dear blog readers,

I’ve been persistently asked on what really took place back in 2010 when I was kidnapped by local police officers in my hometown Troyan Bulgaria using my stolen ID and back in 2015 when I was drug poisoned by Bulgaria’s DANS Agency who gave me a visit to my place? Keep reading.
It appears that back in my homeland it has a long way to go in terms of getting lost to the point of oblivion where when you don’t have anything it means don’t touch other people’s stuff or they will break your ankle and then politely take you back to your non-existent method of existence called a car in your homeland and politely ask you to enter and never think of coming back or going to anyone’s place again. Whether you are a moron or let’s not forget whether you’re a Bulgarian or not take a photo of yourself and never show it to anyone. No one cares and we don’t care. Try to forget about the fact that you took a photo of yourself and believe it or not the photo never really existested. It does not exist.

By the way who hacked DANS.bg? We did not. We did not. Someone else did it and we came up with an analysis on the topic. For free. Forget about public sources. We did it using public sources.

Do you want to infect journalists with malware? This is amusing as they have infected you already. With themselves.
Do you want to celebrate the “holidays”? Do you know what a work day is to begin with? You can’t celebrate the holidays. There are no holidays.
Don’t forget to use your ultra favorite Web site to post photos of your social spit and vomit and don’t forget no one cares. Including you.
Sanctions anyone? You bet. And yes you bet.
Now the single most important thing to remember is to go back home. Only in case you know what a home is. Only in a case whether you have a home and never forget not to go to other people’s homes to do your naughty stuff. Steal rob kidnap molest and steal everyone’s money.
This is not Bulgaria and this is not the holidays.
Happy holidays!
Stay tuned!

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