“It’s Full of Secrets of User-Generated Classified Information” – The Inside Story Behind the Infamous Bulgarian Hacker Dancho Danchev from the Trenches up to Present Day


A modern whiz-kid child story of the son of an ex-Communist era famous family from Bulgaria up to present day from the trenches in the world of computer security from the 90’s up to present day as the world’s leading expert in the field of cybercrime research

Who would have thought?

A 20+ something Bulgarian dude an ex-hacker teenager enthusiast from Bulgarian that successfully compromised the official Web site of his hometown using what he believes to be the first known case of successful social engineering as today’s world’s leading cybercrime researcher security blogger and threat intelligence analyst making the news at TechMeme and Techcrunch including the headlines at Slashdot to have successfully visited the GCHQ to make a presentation and to have successfully been invited to Canada’s Secret Service headquarters to make a presentation – a true marvelous story of user-generated classified and sensitive cyber attack and cyber attack trends information begins to unfold a practice courtesy of the same individual that he’s been doing for over a decade currently running one of the security industry’s most popular security publications with over 5.6M page views and approximately 6M direct clicks interactions with his Dancho Danchev’s Blog – Mind Streams of Information Security Knowledge blog using Feedburner.

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