Profiling the Blood and Honor Online Hate Group – An OSINT Analysis

As it’s been a while since I’ve last posted a quality update I wanted to take the time and effort and elaborate more on a current project of mine which is the “International OSINT Journal Compilation on Online Terrorism Hate and Militarized Social Movements” which aims to expose and offer a massive information on currently active online terrorism hate and militarized social movements including actionable information on their online infrastructure.

In this post I’ll elaborate more and offer actionable intelligence on the online infrastructure of the Blood and Honor hate group with the idea to help you get a better perspective of their online infrastructure and possibly assist you in your cyber campaign attribution efforts.

Sample personal email address accounts belonging to Blood and Honor International Groups include:






































 highlander[.]eastcoast@hotmail[.]com ;




Sample screenshots of logo of Blood and Honor Bulgaria include:

Stay tuned!

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