Public STIX STIX2 TAXII Threat Actor Specific Threat Intelligence Feed – Your Lifetime API Key!

Hi, everyone,

This is Dancho. Big news! I’ve decided to make approximately 15 years of active and unique threat actor specific research publicly accessible online for free using the OpenCTI STIX STIX2 TAXII platform and not only convert all the cool and juicy and full of never-published and discussed before niche threat actors both internationally and in Russia but also make them into a free STIX STIX2 TAXII threat intelligence feed and turn them into a machine readable format with the idea to centralize and speed up the communication of my research and potentially allow you to better catch up improve your situational awareness and learn new things about the international bad guys including the bad guys in Russia including their Internet infrastructure and catch up with who they are and what are some of their latest campaigns in the world of fighting cybercrime.

Your Lifetime API Key: f8aa0cca-a0ac-4eff-9c03-1c86ad7aee93

Users of Anomali ThreatStream, LogRhythm, Palo Alto MineMeld, TruSTAR TAXII Server including Trend Micro Vision One or Cortex XSOAR and basically anyone using STIX STIX2 and TAXII in their security solution can now freely grab and explore my historical threat actor specific research including to actually pull some of my latest research which I produce every day for free.

Here are the details:



API Documentation:

API Client:

API requirements:

TAXII Collection:

Bearer Token Authentication Required:

Maltego transforms available:

Sample screenshots:

As always drop me a line at in case you have questions.

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