Assessing the U.S Intelligence Community’s Annual Threat Report for 2022

In the most recently released “U.S Intelligence Community’s Annual Threat Report for 2022” the U.S Intelligence Community states that China remains the U.S’s most sophisticated and relevant cyber adversary which possesses the necessary sophistication to target the country both using cyber espionage and attacks against U.S critical infrastructure.

An excerpt:

We assess that China presents the broadest, most active, and persistent cyber espionage threat to U.S. Government and private sector networks. China’s cyber pursuits and export of related technologies increase the threats of attacks against the U.S. homeland, suppression of U.S. web content that Beijing views as threatening to its control, and the expansion of technology-driven authoritarianism globally.

The report actively discusses Iran, North Korea, China and Russia in a variety of dangerous aspects to U.S National Security with the report courtesy of the U.S Intelligence Community.

What the report also emphasizes on is the use of malicious influence both in the cyber domain and internationally where the U.S publicly acknowledges in its report that China is attempting to mimic Russia on its way to launch foreign influence operations serving the needs of China by using publicly disclosed training material and real-life case studies courtesy of Russia in terms of foreign influence operations which could set a dangerous precedent in case China fully realizes the vast potential of Russian’s capabilities in foreign influence operations that also includes the cyber domain on its way to dominate a country including the information and electromagnetic spectrum which also includes the launching of foreign influence campaigns both in real-life and virtually.

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