Israel Blocks Ukraine From Purchasing Pegasus Spyware

According to the Guardian Israel blocked Ukraine from purchasing the Pegasus spyware from the infamous NSO Group vendor of lawful surveillance hacking tools.

Not surprisingly this is a bit over-exaggerated and self-serving statement that actually does more PR harm other than good despite the fact that the article is mentioning Israel’s “2007 Defense Export Control Act” which prevents the country from selling access to lawful surveillance type of hacking tools to other countries.

Appreciate the rhetoric. Since when does a country that’s basically denying other countries the opportunity to buy commercial lawful surveillance hacking tools from them is positioning itself as as a market-leading provider of commercial lawful surveillance hacking tools? Basically never. Long story short any country that wants to monitor journalists or basically launch lawful surveillance campaigns using hacking tools against individuals can basically outsource the malicious software “know-how” to local companies that develop such type of tools.

Positioning yourself as a market and country-tolerated vendor of commercial and market leading lawful surveillance hacking tools is prone to result in negative publicity and basically turn and position the company as a mockery among hardcore vendors of commercial and lawful surveillance hacking tools that also includes the bad guys including other nations that develop and actually present such releases on the market.

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