The FCC Adds Kaspersky to Its List of National Security Threats 

The FCC has recently added Kaspersky products to it’s list of National Security Threats while the company publicly issued a statement claiming that the decision was made on political grounds. The company also cited yet another decision by the U.S DHS back in 2017 which basically forbids U.S based companies from doing business with the company. 

In the past I’ve discussed how central antivirus software “phone-back” URL locations can be easily used by U.S and international Intelligence Agencies including rogue nation-state or targeted threat actors for the purpose of hijacking them and feeding back malicious content similar to the U.S Intelligence Community’s Top Secret program called “CAMBERDADA” which aims to collect malicious software samples from antivirus vendors which also includes Kaspersky using SIGINT by basically intercepting traffic courtesy of antivirus vendors and basically collecting the malicious software samples for research purposes.

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