It’s Full of Secrets and User-Generated Sensitive and Classified Information – An Update on Some Current Projects

It used to be a moment when “rocking the boat” while travelling was a monthly routine and when sticking to the basic methodology that “sharing is caring” and that “if it’s going to be massive it better be good” was the everyday mentality for a new generation of baby boomers who would eventually end up inspiring the next generation Y which is by the way a secret that you should be extremely careful about not to insult.

Back in the day when I originally began my story in the world of  information security where I later on turned into security consultant working for a Netherlands-based company called Frame4 Security Systems where I eventually relocated with my girlfriend to study and live is today’s modern story of one of the most often cited security experts OSINT analysts security bloggers and threat intelligence analysts globally where I spend four productive years while working for ZDNet’s Zero Day blog including Webroot Inc where I was a security blogger for two years where I won a Jesse H. Neal Award including a SCMagazine “Who to Follow on Twitter” using my old Twitter account where I got approximately 11,000 followers following a massive outbreak of “hi” and “keep up the good work” following my OSINT analysis where I’ve exposed one of the primary botnet masters behind the Koobface botnet which at the time led to a variety of interviews including a mention in the NYTimes including a mention in DW I never really thought that I’ll actually end up in a Top Secret GCHQ program to monitor hackers online using my old Twitter account including the fact that I’ll also end up getting featured in Wikileaks where I found a message directed to me by a U.S company which was interested in hiring me at the time to work on a threat intelligence project.

Some of my current projects include:

– A newly launched Bulgaria-themed cyber security training forum community which you can access here

– My personal research themed Android mobile application which you can freely install and get notifications for some of my latest research which you can grab from here

– My Dark Web onion which is already receiving quite a lot of traffic which means that it’s quite a success which you can access here

– Some of my latest cybercrime and threat intelligence that I did for WhoisXML API where I’m currently a DNS Threat Researcher which you can access here

– An interview which I gave for Russian OSINT which you can access here

– An interview which I gave to which you can access here

– I’ve recently published a personal photos portfolio from various events and security conferences which you can check here

– I’ve recently launched a publicly accessible STIX/STIX2/TAXII feed which you can check out here including the feed’s home page here

– I’ve recently published never-released before personal notes on my work in the information security industry circa 2006 or a manual on how to “build an information security industry at home” which you can check out here

– I’ve recently published most of my publicly accessible research in a variety of E-Book formats which you can access here

– I’ve recently published my personal memoir which you can access here

Stay tuned!

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