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After a decade of fighting bad guys I’ve decided to finally look for a way to relocate and begin a fresh start in my professional security blogger/cybercrime researcher/OSINT analyst and threat intelligence analyst career path by seeking a permanent position anywhere in Europe from anyone who’s interested in directly hiring me and offering relocation and accommodation assistance on a short notice where I can basically relocate and begin the position without a period of three days prior to signing a contract and receiving the necessary relocation and accommodation assistance and let’s not forget that someone should meet me at the airport and say hi.

The current situation:

– I’m based in Bulgaria holding a Bulgarian citizenship

– I’m willing to relocate anywhere in Europe for a security blogger/cybercrime researcher/OSINT analyst and threat intelligence analyst position

– I work primary using email which is dancho.danchev@hush.com where you can reach me 24/7 and expect a brief response three hours prior to sending your message

– My CV is available as PDF here and here’s my LinkedIn Profile just in case you need it for anything

My requirements:

– I need only a direct hire proposition where you’re 100% sure that you’re interested in working with me

– I need a contract in advance before I travel on a short notice approximately three days prior to signing the contract

– I need relocation assistance in the form of an airplane ticket including accommodation assistance where I need a place to crash work and live in your country

How to approach me:

Send me an email at dancho.danchev@hush.com and I’ll shortly get back to you to discuss

Looking forward to receiving your email. Let’s make this happen!

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