Seeking Cyber Security and Threat Intelligence Experts To Work On Collaborative Sharepoint and Microsoft Access Cyber Threat Actor Database! Approach Me Today!

Dear blog readers,
Here’s the big news and I sincerely hope that you’ll approach me at to discuss this project where the ultimate goal would be to come up with a commercial database including the necessary daily and weekly including monthly updates in terms of high-quality data and information on the bad guys including their online infrastructure including detailed information on their online whereabouts in a structured Microsoft Access database which we can eventually convert into a Windows Application where the ultimate goal would be to come up the actual information at the first place and then possibly introduce an API which other users can use including users who might want to purchase the full database. Feel like joining the project and working with me on the initial project taxonomy including to join the actual data entry process in your free time? Drop me a line at

Stay tuned!

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