The DDoS Attack Against

When you get the “privilege” of getting DDoS-ed by a high profile DDoS for hire service used primarily by cybercriminals attacking other cybercriminals, you’re officially doing hell of a good job exposing money laundering scams.

The attached screenshot demonstrates how even the relatively more sophisticated counter surveillance approaches taken by a high profile DDoS for hire service can be, and were in fact bypassed, ending up in a real-time peek at how they’ve dedicated 4 out of their 10 BlackEnergy botnets to Bobbear exclusively.

Perhaps for the first time ever, I come across a related DoS service offered by the very same vendor – insider sabotage on demand given they have their own people in a particular company/ISP in question. Makes you think twice before considering a minor network glitch what could easily turn into a coordinated insider attack requested by a third-party. Moreover, now that I’ve also established the connection between this DDoS for hire service and one of the command and control locations (all active and online) of one of the botnets used in the Russia vs Georgia cyberattack, the concept of engineering cyber warfare tensions once again proves to be a fully realistic one.

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