Upcoming Personal Memoir – Official Announcement!

Dear blog readers,

Big news. I’ve recently decided to convert my personal blog into a pre-order landing page for my 756 pages long upcoming personal memoir in the world of hacking and security circa the 90’s up to present day including an elaboration on my security blogging cybercrime research and threat intelligence gathering including OSINT and independent contractor analysis expertise and experience for the purpose of lauching my personal memoir and making it publicly accessible in December, 2021 both in print and in multiple E-book formats for the general public or basically anyone who drops me a line at dancho.danchev@hush.com in terms of possible pre-order where the print version is priced at $35 and the E-book version is priced at $20.

What you can do in order to obtain access to my upcoming memoir? Drop me a line at dancho.danchev@hush.com in terms of possible pre-order including to participate in my pre-order newsletter where I will send you a direct message once the memoir is ready to be released with the official release date scheduled for December, 2021.

Some sample content includes:

  • The Real Story Behind the Scene Circa the 90’s – I will do my best to elaborate more on my teenage hacker experience and contributions and actual involvement in the Scene during the infamous hacker spree circa the 90’s
  • An In-Depth Personal Account of a Teenage Hacker Experience – 
  • The True Story Behind the Rise of Trojan Horse –  
  • Astalavista.com – The Underground Repositioned – 
  • What It’s Like to Run the Security Industry’s Most Popular Publication – 
  • My Involvement in the Top Secret GCHQ Program Known as “Lovely Horse” – 
  • The Koobface Botnet Exposed – 
  • Stay tuned!

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