In Retrospective – A Peek Inside A Popular Cybercrime Friendly Doorway Generator – An OSINT Analysis

As I’m continuing to go through my old archive of actionable threat intelligence information I’ve decided some screenshots of what appears to be a pretty advanced and sophisticated cybercrime-friendly malicious doorway generator which is fully capable of launching content cloaking campaigns against major search engines on its way to properly hide the true nature of a specific spam phishing or a portfolio or a portfolio of domains containing client-side exploits and malicious software.

Rogue and malicious content farms made publicly available thanks to a variety of publicly or proprietary accessible malicious and rogue content generators including malicious doorway generators will continue to proliferate and populate the modern cybercrime ecosystem.

I’ll continue monitoring this market segment and will post updates as soon as new developments take place.

Sample screenshots of the cybercrime-friendly doorway generator include:

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