Sample Screenshots of TDoS (Telephony Denial of Service) Tools – An OSINT Analysis

Did you know that for a modest financial investment you could basically outsource the taking down of someone including your competitor’s mobile phones including an organization’s entire phone system by basically hiring a Russian based TDoS (Telephony Denial of Service) provider which basically utilizes various publicly accessible DoS (Denial of Service) attack techniques that also includes the automated breaking of CAPTCHA for the purpose of registering hundreds of  rogue and bogus accounts where the ultimate goal would be to use them in bulk for the purpose of launching a TDoS (Telephony Denial of Service) attack against a victim including the competition which could also mean an organization’s entire phone system based on the actual requirements of the individual ousourcing the attack to the Russian based provider of TDoS (Telephony Denial of Service) attack services.

I’ve recently decided to dig a little bit deeper inside this booming market segment within the cybercrime ecosystem and basically found a multitude of various propositions courtesy of different providers where the potential user of these services could also get a price bargain on their way to obtain and launch a TDoS (Telephony Denial of Service) against a victim including a competitor which could also mean an organization’s entire phone system.

I’ll continue taking a deeper look inside the currently emerging and actually booming cybercrime ecosystem market segment for TDoS (Telephony Denial of Service) attacks and I’ll post updates as soon as new developments take place.

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