A Peek Inside the Earnings4u Managed Malware Distribution Service – An Analysis

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I’ve decided to offer an in-depth inside peek inside the Earnings4u managed malware distribution service circa 2010 with the idea to raise awareness on the ease of use and the actual trend where novice and experienced botnet masters can easily acquire the necessary seed population in terms of purchasing access to malware infected hosts which could be further used to spread their malicious software campaigns including spam and phishing campaigns.

With managed affiliate-network based revenue sharing schemes continuing to proliferate it shouldn’t be surprising that more cybercriminals are actually looking for ways to monetize access to their acquired through blackhat SEO including various other rogue and fraudulent techniques traffic including users who would be interested in offering managed and centralized ways for spreading other cybercriminal’s malicious releases in a systematic and efficient way leading to today’s modern cybercrime ecosystem reality where both novice and experienced cybercriminals rely on rogue and malicious affiliate-network based revenue sharing schemes for both revenue generation and the spreading of malicious software.

Sample screenshots include:

Stay tuned!

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