A Pragmatic Cyberwarfare Doctrine – What Money Cannot Buy – An Analysis


I wrote this post in 2007. These are basically some notes that I took on the emerging back then cyber warfare doctrine problem that the U.S was facing.

Key summary points:

– never let an insider do an outsider’s job

-the convergence of conventional military capabilities and asymmetric warfare

– bombing the source of the attack means, you’ll have a U.S strategic bomber bombing a place somewhere in the U.S.

– subverting the enemy without fighting

– cyberwarfare attack from inside the fortification

– virtual cyber warfare competitions in a controlled environment

When you dedicate the largest proportion to keep up with the conventional military arms race, it’s the superpower, or a third world country that would defeat your entire conventional military arsenal by not even confronting with it, and thus, by lacking the point of engagement render it useless in the sense of directly bypassing it.

Stay tuned!

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