Dancho Danchev – The Re-Surrection – 2022 – Official Come Back Or a “Brief History Into the World of Hacking Security Blogging OSINT and Threat Intelligence Gathering” – A Guide To The Scene

Hello everyone,

Are you enjoying my new layout? I’ve finally managed to find a decent layout that’s worth the efforts for my blog and I think that you’ll enjoy it.
Who needs a motto of some sort? Check out the following:
– “Setting them straight since the early days of humankind!”
– “If it’s going to be massive it better be good”.
– “Only the enlightened”.
– “The Third World war will be fought with sticks and stones. Our war will be fought with cyber sticks and stones”.
– “You shall obfuscate. I shall deobfuscate”.
– “Takes you back doesn’t it?”
– “Cybercrime is largely driven by the average time for which it takes to collectively and fully satisfy the botnet masters for the time it takes to build a botnet and maintain it online”.
– “When we’re back on top, back on top in January, 2009, I say that loads.cc, loads.cccccc and it ain’t that aspiring as it seems, you’re aggregating botnets
in September, face the abuse department’s music in June, but I know I’m going to see your IPs again, cause this fine cybercrime ecosystem, it just keeps spinning around.”
The reason for using it? I truly want to present as much information as possible in a much more structured way than before and I finally found a suitable template for this purpose.
In this all-in-one blog post I’ll attempt and I’ll do my best to present the true story behind my blog which you can by the way download in a full offline reading mode here with the idea to present my true story since December, 2005 when I originally launched it while working at https://astalavista.com as a Managing Director.
Current social media accounts you can find me on:
An image is worth a thousand words:

What’s the story? In this rather long article and a blog post I’ll attempt to share my story through my own perspective since December, 2005 with the idea to fill everyone in some of my past and current projects.

Here come the visitors:

From the Me in the News:


An image is worth a thousand words:

Stay tuned!

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