People’s Information Warfare vs the U.S DoD Cyber Warfare Doctrine – An Analysis

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The best is yet to come.
What’s the main difference between a people’s information warfare concept including the U.S DoD cyber warfare doctrine in today’s modern world?

We cannot discuss these if we don’t compare their cyber warfare approaches next to one another. It’s rather ironic situation, since China has built its cyber warfare doctrine based on the research conducted into the topic by U.S military personnel. At a later stage, Chinese military thinkers perceived the combination of Sun Tzu’s military strategies in the virtual realm.

The left hand never knows what the right one is doing,

Capability matching vs threat acquisition?

China’s already reached the unrestricted warfare stage, a phrase when its hacking capabilities empowered Internet users self-mobilize themselves, the U.S DoD is implementing its cyber warfare doctrine, and the rest of the world is whining for yet another password stealer for online games that’s phoning back to China.

A little less conversation, a little more action “babe”.

Now that’s its becoming increasingly clear that cyber jihad is entering into a “stay tuned for a webcast with your favorite terrorist” stage, what we may witness next is terrorist on sand-proof Segways. Cutting the sarcasm, it’s becoming boring the listen to the same song played on a different media device.

Stay tuned!

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