Spotting Moguls – An Analysis


I wrote this blog post in 2007.

What’s so bad in being a mogul?

  • Moguls are boring
  • Moguls are predictable
  • Moguls are biased
  • Moguls often use their company’s over-valued financial performance — excluding the initial investment — as a speaking platform
  • If Moguls blog, it would be on the Insecurities of Sun Tanning and everything in between
  • Moguls conveniently “exclude the middle” taking credit for the Moon’s announcing phrases
  • Moguls often whine when they should scream
  • Moguls preach, rather than teach
  • Moguls neatly restart the threat cycle of a particular threat in a mostly self-serving manner
  • Moguls spend too much time not just looking into the mirror, but talking to its reflection
  • Moguls are bad the way synthetic drugs are, and with the time you don’t have a choice buto start listing to “those voices” — rats have big ears.
  • Moguls are a bad, yet amusing necessary evil, one that must be professionally dealt with.
  • Even more amusing they become, as they start baby booming.
Stay tuned!

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