Summarizing a Portfolio of Recently Released WhoisXML API Threat Research Reports Courtesy of Me – An Analysis

Dear blog readers,

I’ve decided to share with everyone a recently released portfolio of research that I conducted for WhoisXML API where I’m currently acting as a DNS Threat Researcher.

Sample articles include: 

Conti Ransomware: Still Alive and Kicking

NotPetya: Not Quite Dead, as Recent IoCs Show

Koobface Makes a Comeback

KrotReal: Is the Koobface Bot Master Back in Business?

The Current State of Malicious PPI Businesses and Affiliate Networks

Exposing a Currently Active Ashiyane Digital Security Domain Infrastructure

DIY Web Attacks Might Still Live on via WebAttacker

Exposing the Infrastructure Behind the Democratic National Committee System Intrusion

Is the Bakasoftware Operation Still Up and Running?

URL Shortening Gone Wrong with GCHQ

What Is Anonymous International Up to Now

Uncovering the Current Workings of Guccifer 2.0

Should We Consider the Maze Ransomware Extinct?

Shedding Light on the Darkode Forum

Probing an Active Digital Trail of Iranian Hackers

The Inner Workings of the Russian Business Network

On the Frontlines of the Syrian Electronic Army’s Digital Arsenal

Probing Networks of Cybercrime-Friendly Forums

Insights into an Active Malicious Spam Domain Portfolio

Alleviating BlackEnergy-Enabled DDoS Attacks

Stay tuned!

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