Ten Signs It’s a Slow News Week – An Analysis


I wrote this blog post in 2007. 

  • Articles starting that malware increased 450% during the last quarter – of course it’s supposed to increase given the automated polymorphism they’ve achieved thereby having anti virus vendors spend more money on infrastructure to analyze it
  • Articles starting that spam and malware attacks will increase and get more sophisticated
  • Articles discussing a new malware spreading around instant messaging networks — psst they’re hundreds of them currently spreading
  • Articles discussing how signature based malware scanning is next while an anti virus vendor’s ad is rotating on the right side of the article
  • Articles commenting on an exploit code for a high risk vulnerability made public — it’s been usually circulating around VIP underground forums weeks before it made to the mainstream media, with script kiddies leaking it to other script kiddies
  • Articles pointing out how phishers started targeting a specific company
  • Article emphasizing on how mobile malware will take over the world, despite that there no known outbreaks currently active in the wild
  • Articles pointing out that having a firewall and an updated anti virus software is important
  • Articles discussing which OS is the most secure one
  • Articles mentioning the percentage increase in the thousands of spam and phishing emails for the last quarter

Stay tuned!

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