The U.S is Facing a Cyber Warfare Doctrine Crisis – An Analysis


I wrote this blog post in 2007.

Is it just me, or I get depressed when I come across the words – U.S Cyber Command, and serial entrepreneur in the same article? Someone once said that in the long term mega corporations and governments will be mainly involved in Talent Wars, and he was right. After reading this article, I bet that Chinese cyber warriors will issue an email to their internal mailing list entitled “The Depressing State of the U.S’s Cyber Warfare Doctrine” and someone will respond “What Cyber Warfare Doctrine?!”. Cutting the sarcasm, this is either a sophisticated PSYOPS to on purposely let others underestimate the Cyber Command’s upcoming decentralization point in history, or Human Resources department in the rush to meet a deadline.

Great stuff, so if every agency is doing whatever every agency feels like doing, you’ll have several agencies collecting intelligence on the same individual/group of individuals, who will inevitably end up in a situation where they’ll be collecting raw and unique to them only data, one that some of the other agencies would have already obtained and marked as outdated and irrelevant under the current circumstances.

Why the emphasis on decentralization, when it should be on distributed management as a concept?

How can you centralize your opponents when they’ve already reached the unrestricted warfare stage, and have long been envisioning the potential of people’s information warfare?

I guess that is the core of decentralized management is that everyone is doing whatever he feels like doing.

Stay tuned!

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