The Deepest of Them All – A Profile of Yavor Kolev – a Bulgarian Law Enforcement Officer Kidnapper and a Bulgarian Dipshit – An Analysis

Psst – where’s approximately of $85,000 of my own money which I earned legally throughout the period 2012-2014? And where approximately 80% of my health based on my health pension records which Bulgaria’s DANS gave me?

Ask this guy which I told you about in advance circa 2010. The results? We can’t wait to see them when the real Bulgarian Law Enforcement learns about this including the actual illegal detention and restraint courtesy of Bulgarian Law Enforcement officers in my hometown Troyan, Bulgaria who stole my personal ID made a copy and locked me in a cell with no explanation for a period of four months including to lock down my phone with no explanation and no one knowing about this.

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Psst – Part Two – I don’t use phones. Call him here – +359888795021 or send him an invitation here including ICQ – 48495113.

Stay tuned!

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