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Dear blog readers,
Do you know a lot about information security cybercrime research OSINT and threat intelligence gathering including cyber threat actors research? Are you interested in becoming a Guest Blogger on this blog where you will be able to reach out to one of the best and most diverse audience within the security industry since December, 2005 which consists of security experts researchers vendors and organizations including cybercrime researchers the U.S Intelligence Community and Law Enforcement agencies and organizations?
Who is Dancho Danchev and what is Dancho Danchev’s Blog?
“Independent Contractor | Astalavista.com 2003-2006 | Astalavista.box.sk 2020-2022 | Lovely Horse Participant | Slashdotted Two Times | Ex-ZDNet | Ex-Webroot | Won Jessy H. Neal Award | Won SCMagazine Award | Took Down the Koobface Botnet | Presented at the GCHQ with the Honeynet Project | SCMagazine Who to Follow on Twitter for 2011 | Participated in a Top Secret GCHQ Program called “Lovely Horse” | Identified a major victim of the SolarWinds Attack – PaloAltoNetworks | Found malware on the Web Site of Flashpoint | Tracked monitored and profiled the Koobface Botnet and exposed one botnet operator | Made it to Slashdot two times | My Personal Blog got 5.6M Page Views Since December, 2005 | My old Twitter Account got 11,000 followers | I had an average of 7,000 RSS readers on my blog | I have my own vinyl “Blue Sabbath Black Cheer / Griefer – We Hate You Dancho Danchev” made by a Canadian artist | Currently running Astalavista.box.sk | I gave an interview to DW on the Koobface Botnet | I gave an interview to NYTimes on the Koobface botnet | I gave an interview to Russian OSINT | Listed as a major competitor by Jeffrey Carr’s Taia Global | Presented at the GCHQ | Presented at Interpol | Presented at InfoSec | Presented at CyberCamp | Presented at RSA Europe”
NOTE: Your Guest Post articles can be written either in English or in your native language. Let’s make this happen!
Send me an email in English at dancho.danchev@hush.com in terms of inquiring about this opportunity including a short introduction including possibly a LinkedIn profile or a CV and I’ll shortly get back to you with the idea to enlist you and present you as an official Guest Blogger at my personal blog.

Stay tuned!

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Who is Dancho Danchev?


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