Happy Holidays!

Dear blog readers,

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted a high-quality personal message on my personal blog but the first thing that I wanted to say is big thanks to everyone who’s been following and is following me and continues to follow me and read my research here where the pleasure to produce high-quality and never-discussed and published before research is all mine and will continue to be.

What I’ve been up to? I’ve been basically multi-tasking on several fronts which I’m doing my best to continue fighting the good fight in terms of fighting and responding to the latest underground ecosystem cybercrime-friendly market propositions by actually profiling them and making sure that my research and analysis reaches all the appropriate parties that also includes the general public.

In terms of work I’m currently acting as a DNS Threat Researcher at WhoisXML API where the pleasure to personally thank the team and the CEO for bringing me on board is all mine where my primary responsibilities include the production of white papers on the topic of cybercrime and general cybercrime and threat actor type of research.

Some of my current projects include:

I’ve also recently updated the BIO on my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and I’ve been also pretty active on Facebook and Mastodon including Xakep.bg’s Discord server where I recently held a presentation at Cyber Security Talks Bulgaria and I’ll soon feature the actual photos and video from the event. I’ve also recently claimed my Google Knowledge Panel and believe it or not Google thinks that I’m a researcher which is great news and I’m honored to also have my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts featured on the front page so thanks a lot for reading me and for visiting my blog including to read my research.

Stay tuned!

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