Happy Holidays From The (Not) Republic of Bulgaria – An Analysis – Part Two

Can you slap it? Do you know that your degree of education is proportional with the price size of your t-shirt which means that we’re not interested in counting that much I mean the almighty dollar which you can’t behold yourself to all of its mightiness? “Give me a moron and I’ll beat him” instead of “Give me an IP and I’ll move the earth” type of mentality? Are you a retard or are you a moron or are you a dipshit where the word cannot really behold itself to its almighty awesomeness? Try the two of these as you’re only a low waged moron that cannot really count anything between one or two which means the actual times you’ll get slapped by someone who’ll eventually find out and seek your responsibility for your general moronic attitude. It means that you’re a retard.

Stay tuned!

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