Cybercriminals Offer Apple Themed Discounted Products For Sale On Major Cybercrime Friendly Forum Community – An Analysis

I’ve recently came across to a currently active underground marketplace forum proposition that’s basically offering and selling Apple themed products which appear to have been obtained and purchased using fraudulent means. The seller also appears to be using several techniques to actually safely ship the products basically everywhere and is using another service to guarantee the payment and delivery of the products.

Sample screenshots include:

Sample underground forum proposition:

The product is only original, packed, new! Absolutely the same as in the store, only cheaper! — Apple products are a priority and are always available at the drop, the prices for it are fixed and are indicated in the price list below. — We send it anywhere. — In order to protect ourselves and you, we will work only through the guarantor such as forum escrow “We can overpower any volume.” — The goods pass the customs control without problems, sending on the left waybills. — Sending goes from my drop, take on SAFE, there is no risk! — When ordering from $1000, a nice bonus in the form of an additional device! — I always give the track number! (number to track the parcel via the Internet) — All GSM devices, neverlocked, will work with all telecom operators! *Dear Clients! Read carefully all that is written below, here all the conditions and nuances [Payment] — The minimum order is from $180. — We work only through the guarantor escrow of the forum! — Write to the Forum guarantor the application as indicated in its topic. — After you deposit funds to the guarantor, immediately write to me, we will process your order. After sending, I give the track number. — Major transactions in priority, we process them faster and more efficiently. [Delivery] — Delivery by mail DHL or Fedex (we can consider other companies), anywhere in the world, no longer than 15 days. Usually ~ 7 days. — The delivery is included in the price of the goods! — Before we write, please read the topic, you will find answers to many questions. — If you do not answer immediately – do not panic. we receive high volume of emails and orders. — Subject for feedback, all questions in the PM! Recently, unscrupulous schoolgirls are thrown on different shit forums and social networks, impersonating Serbs, therefore, when uploading photos to the forum, watermarks are automatically applied. Operating since September 2011. Building a good reputation is one of my values – I will always do my best to surprise and stay reputable. All iPhones are sent undamaged in their original packages. It takes 2-4 business days for the products to reach any location within Europe or North America and up to 6 days elsewhere in the World. All of the iPhones come in stealth packaging, declared as items of lesser value. You don’t have to worry about customs taxes as it will already be PAID for by us. Trusted. Safe. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.

Stay tuned!

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