Profiling a Currently Active Vendor of Western Union and Banking Logs Including Stolen Credit Cards Transfer Details – An Analysis

I’ve recently came across to a currently active underground marketplace forum proposition that’s basically offering and selling Western Union and banking logs including stolen credit cards information where the seller of the information is basically offering a variety of screenshots to demonstrate the existence of the service.

Sample screenshots include:

Sample underground forum marketplace proposition: 

My team specializes in stealing financial data such as credit cards, bank logs and other financial instruments from hacked databases such as e-commerce websites and spam for card data using email skimming/phishing, SMS and website fake login pages to extract card and bank information from victims. We use this data to transfer funds to you using western union, MoneyGram, bank transfers and cash app, etc. We use and to place an order to your pickup info and order using the victim’s cc data. We can also do bank transfers (wire) to any bank globally as we have data from all countries in our logs. This is fraud and illegal, so anyone wishing to use this service should take precautionary steps or contact me for essential advice if you’re looking to get some easy money. I recommend doing these transfers only once per account/name as it gives a higher percentage that your accounts won’t be locked afterwards or, ideally, use fake IDs/drop accounts. We sell on multiple dark net tor marketplaces. You may find us on other marketplaces.

Stay tuned!

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