Profiling a New Vendor of ATM Skimming Devices and Stolen Credit Cards Information On A Major Cybercrime-Friendly Forum Community – An Analysis

I’ve recently came across to a currently active underground marketplace forum proposition that’s basically offering and selling ATM skimming devices and stolen credit cards information where the seller of the devices and the information is basically offering a variety of screenshots to demonstrate the existence of the service.

Sample screenshots include:

Sample underground marketplace forum proposition: 

USD/BTC Mid-Balance Clone Card (Price: $260) High-Balance Clone Card (Price: $400) Super-High Balance Clone Card (Price: $875) Card Balance $1,300 (Min) — $2,500 (Max) $2,500 (Min) — $4,000 (Max) $5,000 (Min) — $8000 (+) ATM Withdrawal Limitation $1,000/day (2 Sessions of $500) $1,000 — $1,500/day (2-3 Sessions of $500) $3,000 — $4,500/day (6-9 Sessions of $500) Banks Chase, Charles Schwab, Capital One, & PNC Suntrust, Citi, Wells Fargo, BB&T, & PNC Goldman Sachs & Private Personal Banking Card Type Debit Card, Bank Issured (VISA & Mastercard) Debit Card, Bank Issured (VISA & Mastercard) Debit Card, Bank Issured (VISA & Mastercard) PIN Four Digit Pin, Overlay Pin Transmitted (Multi) Four Digit Pin, Collected from Overlay POS/ATM Four Digit Pin, Collected from Overlay POS/ATM Data Acquisition In-House Skimmers & Skimming Network In-House Skimmers & Skimming Network Skimming Network, Subordinate, & Private Sale“.

Stay tuned!

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