Profiling a Newly Launched E-Shop For Fake IDs/Documents and Certificates – An Analysis

I’ve recently came across to a newly launched E-Shop for fake IDs including personal documents and certificates which offers a variety of some pretty informative infographics on the topic of how to obtain and actually purchase a new identity based on a variety of countries.

Sample photos include:

Sample underground forum market proposition:

Identity card / social security card – A passport will only provide an opportunity to enter the country, but in order to be considered a fully functioning member of society, documentary evidence that the person is a resident (or citizen) will be required. Each country has its own specific forms of identification, but all use a driver’s license as their primary ID card. Therefore, both documents are necessary for those wishing to obtain a new identity. “Birth certificate – This document is necessary to substantiate your citizenship by birth: to be able to prove the fact of birth in this country and that the name, date and place of birth correspond to the new identity. As is the case with real citizens, this is an important document when purchasing various government services.“ “Education and qualification documents. The key element of the new personality is the person’s fake general and professional education. These documents help start a new life – create a completely new backstory with which you can already get a job and find a community. Among the documents about education, we make diplomas of secondary education, bachelor’s and master’s degrees.“ “Financial documents and services. Creating a new financial profile is another step towards creating a new personality. Anyone can update their financial status with new bank accounts, payment cards, credit scores, and even new PayPal accounts. All of these solutions, again, come from a wide variety of sources. Some bank accounts have been stolen, others are legitimate.“ “Estimated cost of a new personality by country: USA The cost of the minimum package is $ 3150.

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